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tribute from this estate of ga 60,000 from  the beginning of
Margasira of the year Vijaya.*

Anantaraja   Devacoda   Maharaja,   the   adopted   son    of
Kumara   Ananta,   was   installed  upon  the  throns.    As  the
Ifuhamrnadans who became very powerful by this time bc2«iii
gradually to  encroach on their country, the Matlb chiefs lost
their hold  upon Poruniamilla, Baddevolu, Duwurii Centura
and Kamalapuram,    Anantaraja, who had given up hopes of
ever recovering this territory was carrying on the administra-
tion of the simas of Pulugula-watfw, Pottapi-natfu and Siddha-
vatain, ......... for a period of twelve years with the help *.f !m
uncle, EUamaraja.
Abdulla Kutubu Saha of Goltonda who was the PJdiiaih
of the Deccan at that time, having understood that the kings of
Karnataka who were the masters of the Narapati throne lost
all their vigour subsequent to the death of Vira Venkatapati-
deva Maharaya, and that the country belonging to the army of
the Raya (Eayara&iiva] was planged in confusion and disorder
owing to the predominance of the palaigars who began to rule
their respective principalities in utter disregard of tlie central
government, despatched an army to subdue all the land and
hill-forts in Kar^ataka and establish his garrisons therein.
Nawab Mir Jumla Sayyid Muhammad assumed the command
of this army to execute the orders of the Padu^afa. Having
entered Karnataka with his army, he sent two Muhammadan
officers and a Brahman, Bak§iTriambaka RSvti, with some forces
to effect the conquest of the country from the side of SiddEa-
vatam and attach the conquered territory. These two officer!
marched with their forces and camped near Siddhavataro.
Mafla Anantarajayya Devacoda Maharaja marched with all tw
army, accompanied by his uncle EEsinarlja in 8.8. 1871
Yikrtif, and having engaged them in a battle cat off their
*Nor. 16&3.